Are you a Business Owner who sells products or services Online and would like to

give your business a legal competitive advantage by having a skilled professional:

Identify Your Potential Competitive Advantages (PCAs)

Evaluate each PCA

to learn if it's truly unique

File the correct documentation correctly to own them

Manage the back-and-forth with government offices, and

Stop your competitors from plagiarizing your business

So That You, Your Family, and Business Can Thrive?


That's Why I Created the E5 Business Protection System!

My 500+ Clients like you who have used The E5 System to Capture Their Competitive Advantages and to secure Market Share, Funding, Financing, Fame, and much more, such as:

  • Funding by Angel, Private Equity & Institutional Investments 
  • Receiving financing for growth and expansion 
  • Establish business credibility
  • Avoid legal ‘near-misses’ (such as using an already registered name or image without knowing it)
  • Focus on business, knowing that your valuable assets are secure

"Steven’s E5 Business Protection System took me from a confused and frustrated entrepreneur to having a protected business I was confident about marketing and growing."

Gayla Scrivener | Podcaster and Entrepreneur

"Steven Thrasher is amazing. So is his E5 program. 

A troll tried to hold my now Wall-Street Journal best-seller “You Are The Brand” hostage -the week before it published.

Fortunately, before that happened, Steve designed & guided me through a plan.  So, he was able to instantly stop the harassment. My book published on time and without a slap-down.

He was even able to use the troll’s attack to get my Trademark Registered in less than 60 days!  Talk about legal-judo!"

- Mike Kim | You Are the Brand

"Steven’s the best!

His E5 System is clear, and makes complex legal jargon easy to follow.  He guides you step-by-step in the process so there’s no confusion.  It’s e-a-s-y!

I was able to file my trademark and copyrights just in time . . . only a few weeks later a former student decided to take my system – even my name – and try to pass it off as his own!"

Lauren Johnson | Elite by Choice

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