It’s About Protecting the Heart & Soul of Your Business!


Here’s My Brief Bio:

  • Intellectual Property Attorney for Over 20 years 
  • Author of The E5 Trademark System” & CO-Author of “The E-Copyright Practice 
  • Founder of a Software Business Acquired in 2013 by Lucent Mobile 
  • Inventor on 12 Patent Applications; Four Patents Awarded (to date)
  • More than 500 Businesses Served
  • Filed over 1,000 (total) Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights 

You might be surprised to learn

... that I’m probably a lot like you.

Years ago, I tried to start my first business and file trademark, copyright and patent applications all by myself ... and spent a lot of money ... and only made a huge mess!

Those applications were summarily slapped down.

In those moments of quiet frustration and embarrassment, I resolved to go to law school and save other entrepreneurs and business owners from the pains, stresses and lost opportunities I experienced.

Now, Years Later...

My clients quickly learn how to protect their competitive advantages without confusion or worry, faster and for a lot less money than I wasted.

With the E5 Business Protection System, it’s easy.

This is The System I wish I had those 20+ years ago.

“The best money I’ve ever invested!”

Jim Benge
Dallas Angel Investor
& “Proud Shark”





“As a new solopreneur, navigating last-minute legal issues is stressful! Steven expertly assisted me, and I give him my absolute highest recommendation.

Rarely, if ever, do I find a knowledgable lawyer who is also a consummate and successful business professional.

Steven’s both, and speaks ‘plain English’!”


Ellin Sidell
“A troll tried to hold my now Wall-Street Journal best-seller “You Are The Brand” hostage - the week before it published.
Fortunately, long before that happened, Steve designed & guided me through a plan.
When the attack came he was able to instantly stop the harassment. My book published on time and without a slap-down.
It was like watching legal-judo!”
Mike Kim
“You Are the Brand”

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