Let's Give Your Business The Legal Competitive Advantage It Deserves!

My step-by-step E5 Business Protection System will help you protect the heart & soul of your business and keep plagiarizers away by using trademarks, copyrights, and patents.


Mike Kim | You Are the Brand

"Steven Thrasher is amazing. So is his E5 program. 

A troll tried to hold my now Wall-Street Journal best-seller “You Are The Brand” hostage -the week before it published.

Fortunately, before that happened, Steve designed & guided me through a plan.  So, he was able to instantly stop the harassment. My book published on time and without a slap-down.

He was even able to use the troll’s attack to get my Trademark Registered in less than 60 days!  Talk about legal-judo!"

Lauren Johnson | Elite by Choice

"Steven’s the best!

His E5 System is clear, and makes complex legal jargon easy to follow.  He guides you step-by-step in the process so there’s no confusion.  It’s e-a-s-y!

I was able to file my trademark and copyrights just in time . . . only a few weeks later a former student decided to take my system – even my name – and try to pass it off as his own!"

Gayla Scrivener | Podcaster and Entrepreneur

"Steven’s E5 Business Protection System took me from a confused and frustrated entrepreneur to having a protected business I was confident about marketing and growing."


  • It's never been easier for a thief to plagiarize your business's products and digital assets.
  • In a crowded market, it's hard to know how you can stand apart from the crowd.
  • How do you know a contractor or employee isn't 'borrowing' protected materials that could get you sued?
  • Cheap DIY 'legal services' try to trick you into spending countless hours to figuring it out yourself, and they aren't accountable for the outcomes.
  • Facing $25,000 typical minimum retainers from sizeable established law firms is common.


That's Why I Created The E5 Business Protection System to serve more than 500 Businesses and You!

The E5 Business Protection System

- Superior Advantage for Your Business -

The System makes it easy for your business to gain a competitive legal advantage by having skilled professionals:

  • Identify Your Potential Competitive Advantages (PCAs).
  • Evaluate each PCA- brand, creation, invention, and trade secret - to learn if it's truly unique.
  • File the correct documentation correctly so that you may own them.
  • Manage the back-and-forth with government offices, and
  • Stop your competitors from plagiarizing your business.

Free Business-Protection Masterclass  

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand what truly makes your business unique & how this translates into your market advantages and messaging. 
  • No longer worry about competitors copying every move
  • Have a plan to stop copycats, who may be your customers or past employees.
  • Learn to create lasting value and grow your business.

It costs nothing to start. 


I'm Steven Thrasher, Intellectual Property Consultant, Entrepreneur, Attorney & Author 

I equip Owners of Growing Businesses to protect their competitive advantages so they can gain market share without worrying about plagiarizers and without losing sleep over the thought that they might be accused of copying someone else's products or work.

Running a business is hard.  Let me show you how to protect your brands with trademarks, creations with copyrights, inventions with patents, and much more.  I’ll make it easy so that you can spend your valuable time and energy growing your business. 


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